Iridescence - Sonata for Clarinet and Piano

The Eigth Annual Belvedere Chamber Music Festival - Memphis, TN, June 2014

Program Notes

I. Overtones

II. Undertones

III. Chromaticity

      Iridescence is "... a rainbow-like play of color...that tends to change as the angle of view changes." (Merriam-Webster)

      The first movement, Overtones, contrasts the lively sonority of the overtone scale - a subset of pitches of the rainbow of musical tones - with the lush harmony of a lyrical theme.

      Changing the angle of view, the second movement, Undertones, brings up to the surface the deep and rumbling tones of the sea of musical colors.

      The third movement, Chromaticity, uses a Romanian folk theme to finally transform the twelve white and black piano keys into the rainbow-like play of color.


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