Cosmopolitan for string quartet

Award-winning String Quartet 2007 Voice of Change Composition Competition

Program Notes

    There are four performers playing four movements, each with its color, a mix.

    The first movement, Allegro, is cranberry red. A tension-building theme contrasts with a stylized swing echoing East European motifs.

    The second movement, Adagio, is snow white: a snow that covers, as far as one can see, a desolated tundra.

    The third movement, Scherzo Adagietto, is ready-to-harvest-wheat yellow. Tha dance-like theme brings in my mind images of small villages in Pennsylvania.

    Finally, the fourth movement, Rondo, is red-white-yellow orange. The Rondo mixes its own subject with previous themes in a contrapuntal end of the "Cosmopolitan" journey.

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