Cantabile - Variations on a theme of Bach for French horn and violin, violoncello, oboe and piano

The 13th Belvedere Chamber Music Festival, Memphis, TN, June 19-22, 2019

Galliard 1

Program Notes

“…above all… a cantabile style…

                                     J. S. Bach

I. Theme and Introduction

II. Pavane

III. Galliard

    In Theme and Introduction, the presentation of the theme in the piano is followed by an arrangement of Bach’s Invention in F for French horn, violin, violoncello, and oboe.

    While preserving the tempo and the time signature of the Renaissance dances, Pavane and Galliard vary Bach’s theme to create a different, more contemporary sonority, but still in a cantabile style."

                                                                                March 2019

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