Ballerina's Dream for mixed chamber ensemble

The Seventh Annual Belvedere Chamber Music Festival - Memphis, TN, June 2013

Contemporary Visions - Concertmaster & Friends - Birmingham, AL, February 2015

The Second Manchester New Music Festival - Manchester, IN, March 2015

Program Notes

I. Prélude

II. Gigue

III. Valse lente

IV. Cancan

(performed without interruption)

    The 20th anniversary of Olivier Messiaen's death (1992) inspired the writing of Ballerina's Dream (Le Rêve de Ballerina), a rondo-like dance suite, echoing French connections.

     In her dream, Ballerina wanders among various dance studios. The passage between studios is symbolized in Prélude and subsequent partial recalls by a dreamy harmonic material based on Messiaen's "mode 3."

     Meandering, Ballerina opens the door of the first dance studio, where she is absorbed in a lively Gigue.

     In the next studio, Ballerina enjoys the solo performance of a graceful Valse lente.

     Without ending any dance, Ballerina continues her dreamy drift and enters a studio resembling a cabaret. She is drawn in a chorus line dancing a burlesque French Cancan.

      Perhaps, after closing the last studio door, Ballerina …

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